Free Society Association

In support of the development of free societies, communities and families. To protect human rights, child and family rights, citizen rights and civil liberties.

Stowarzyszenie Wolne Społeczeństwo, the Free Society Association, was established as a tool for cooperation to protect society from state arbitrariness. The task of the association is to describe lawlessness and corruption of state and international organizations, to indicate possible solutions and to preserve the privacy of co-operating persons.

Stowarzyszenie Wolne Społeczeństwo
(Free Society Association)

ul. Swiety Marcin 29/8
61-806 Poznań (Poland)

e-mail: sws@wolspo.org1
fax.: 0048 61 666 10 59
tel.: 0044 330 325 0405, only in agreed cases2

  1. Public key.

  2. Important governmental privacy violations in unprotected telephony. In Poland and other European countries, the governmental agencies illegally track persons and map links between them.