Social workers in Dresden humiliate child and mother on Christmas time

The social workers responsible to the mayor of Dresden,1 Germany, attempted in 2021 to force a child and his mother to spend their Christmastime for the second time on the floor of a hypermarket. The social workers are blackmailing the child right before a court sitting set on January in the family proceedings.2 They try to extort from the child some declarations supportive for their claims that the child should be separated from the child's mother and should have no contact with her. The Christmastime humiliating is only one part of the blackmail. The mayor's workers additionally send the child, without any cause or need, to the so-called psycho-education, allegedly being a form of therapy and consultation for people who are psychiatric patients or have similar conditions. The mayor is being called to stop threatening the child to be falsely classified as a member of a family burdened with psychiatric illness.

On 22 December 2021 the Stowarzyszenie Wolne Społeczeństwo (SWS, Free Society Association) urged the mayor of Dresden to take immediately the following administrative actions:

(1) To stop abusing Christmastime to humiliate child and mother.

(2) To abandon the “psycho-education with (...)” (“Psychoedukation mit (...)”) his subordinates organize for the child.

(3) To organize the Christmas meeting of the child and his mother on 23 December 2021 in the mother’s home.

In his organizing of social services, the mayor of Dresden shows a remarkable brutality and seemingly follows the pattern of abuse of psychiatry tested in the Soviet Union. Abusing Christmastime to humiliate child and mother is a disgraceful act. Influencing a child through blackmail and through humiliating in order to manipulate court proceedings in the family case of that child constitutes not only a major breach of German law, a crime, but is also an evidence of the ineffectiveness of European norm of the rule of law.

A child on the floor of a hypermarket with Christmas gift (image, drawing).

  1. Mayor Dirk Hilbert.

  2. Responsible administrative unit: Abteilung Allgemeine Soziale Dienste (Jugendamt), Dresden, Plauen; Sozialpädagoge, Sozialarbeiter Marcus Kerndt, Nöthnitzer Strasse 2, 01187 Dresden (Germany).

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